Terms and Conditions

Project: 101085340 — EU-TEAM

Terms and Conditions for Italian participants

  • Europass will organize the courses in its school premises in the center of Florence;
  • The course will be offered free of charge for all selected participants;
  • The course will address primary and secondary school teachers, as well as school principals and manager;
  • All the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be admitted based on first-come first-served criterion;
  • Lunch will be provided for free to all participants during the training course.

Selected participants will need to

  • Take part in the course activities in Florence;
  • Create a lesson plan on EU matters for their subject of teaching (on the last day of the course). This lesson plans will be freely available on the project website for other teachers;
  • Return to their school, and organize a workshop involving at least 15 of their colleagues to explain them what they have learned during the course;
  • Have at least 15 users (students or teachers) to conclude one of the free-of-charge EUTEAM online courses (5h online self-paced course in English) within 6 months after the course;
  • Respond to an investigation (“Impact form”) about the relevance and impact of the acquired teaching strategies improved their teaching of EU matters one year after the training.
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